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    Golf With Attitude’s mission is to put the FUN in fundraising

    while making thousands of dollars for your cause


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About Golf With Attitude

Golf’s Premier Corporate Enter-TRAIN-ment.

Welcome to Golf With Attitude, a company that provides a complete array of golf services.

From Game Day Golf Tournament Services, Employee Team Building, Motivational and Key Note Speaking to a vast array of Coaching and Leadership Programs, we pride ourselves on delivering a unique experience.

We understand that our clients have different needs and expectations of the services we provide so with that, our programs can be tailored to serve any business social and personal purpose!

Todd Keirstead and Golf With Attitude has designed numerous programs to assist organizations in building and maintaining crucial relationships. We work within your budget to create a program that will leave a lasting impression on your most valued resources.

 We invite you to take a look around our site, and discover all of our incredible services. We’re sure you’ll discover, no one has as much to offer as Golf With Attitude.

About Todd


Throughout the years Todd Keirstead has developed his “think outside of the box” approach to be one of the leaders in the golf industry. Companies have utilized Todd to add flair and style to make their events completely unique. His professional background not only includes being one of the most sought after Golf Entertainers and Trainers but in business he has held the titles of National Director of Training and Development and part of a World Wide Performance Improvement Team representing over 40 Countries. With his business savvy as well as serious drive and a genuine passion for high performance, Todd’s ultimate goal whether it is on the golf course or in a corporate environment is to entertain the participants and associate the event together with a shared memory.

with a shared memory.


Golf With Attitude is constantly trying to add value to all of the events that we are fortunate to service, blowing the roof off of your golf tournaments fundraising! One of the reasons why a golf outing is such a terrific fundraising strategy is because it is so flexible in its structure. There can be so much more going on at a golf outing than just knocking a little white ball around 18 holes. In fact, if the actual golfing is ALL you focus on, you’re missing an amazing opportunity to raise loads of money for your cause. From the minute people start arriving at the course to the minute they leave your banquet you can and should be making money! Golf With Attitude has raised thousands of dollars by providing game day fundraising ideas and auction items to help charity golf tournaments exceed their fundraising goals.

  • On Course Entertainment

    The on course entertainment is amazing and each group will witness an assortment of shots produced with an unbelievable variety of unusual clubs helping them with their round

  • Instructional Entertainment Demos

    A true performer doing things with golf balls normal human beings can’t even dream about, Todd merges advanced golf skills with great humour into demo his that far exceeds any presentation of its kind

  • Photography

    We offer your tournament golfers an exclusive opportunity to remember their event through unique and personalized professional photography. Our packages provide attendees with both group and individual photographs

  • Videography

    We pay the same special attention to detail, content and artistry when creating our video productions capturing the highlights of the day. From filming to final production, it’s all about your event!

  • Silent Auction Items

    Silent and live auctions are an easy and exciting way to raise additional money from your event. We can provide at no risk to you a variety of desirable items you can offer at auction. We can supply items for every budget.

  • Post Event Master of Ceremonies

    Todd is also a sought after speaker, coach, and corporate trainer. With a career in motivating, inspiring, and exciting people, Todd Keirstead is one of the best motivational speakers around as his livelihood depends on his speaking ability


Golf Ability

The team at Golf With Attitude has been hand selected making up of some of the industry’s most experienced and talented pros. Each member brings to the table extreme and unique qualities to showcase at your event. The pros at Golf With Attitude are focused on developing and delivering the best golf entertainment possible leaving each partisipant speachless.

The GolfAbility Program is the first of its kind in Canada. The instructional hands on program is designed to teach individuals with disabilities the basics of golf and teach therapists and golf professionals how to instruct people in adaptive golf techniques.  Our goal is to assist the growing number of physical, occupational, and recreational therapists, who realized the adaptability of golf as a rehabilitation medium.

 With the GolfAbility Program individuals will easily find themselves outdoors, having gained new dexterity, new confidence, and new skills as golfers and sportsmen… all due to the inviting nature this well-crafted program and the example of others successfully demonstrating a comfortable re-entry into everyday life. 

The GolfAbility Program makes golf available to everyone: stroke victims, amputees, mentally challenged, blind, arthritic, those with muscular dystrophy and individuals who are in wheelchairs. These individuals can enjoy golf if given the correct instruction, motivation and opportunity to do so. 



There is something special about golf that can bring out the best in a person. While many golfers measure their skill by how straight and far they can hit the ball, other golfers measure their skill by how hitting the ball enhances their lives. Significant improvement as a result of participation in the game, demonstrates determination, patience, and growth as a person. Hence, it doesn’t matter how many limbs you have or which ones work, putting the ball in the hole and can make you feel whole. Golf is a game that has many inherent benefits. It helps improve balance, hand-eye coordination, strengthen muscles in the arms, legs and hands. 


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